Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Fancy Expression

The expression, "caught my fancy," has recently caught my fancy. What is the origin of this expression, and how come I am having difficulty finding more information on it? I searched Google, and I was unable to come up with anything useful.

Anyone know for sure or care to make an educated guess?


Anonymous said...

According to, "fancy" is from the Middle English "fantsy" which meant fantasy/imagination.

Anonymous said...

From Online Etymology Dictionary: 1465, contraction of fantasy, it took the older and longer word's sense of "inclination, whim, desire." The v. meaning "take a liking to" (1545) is a contraction of fantasien "to fantasize (about)." The adj. is mid-18c.

Brute Force said...

Nice. Now I can rest... I should make use of the Online Etymology Dictionary. Sounds like a good resource.