Monday, March 06, 2006

Ill With A Fast Connection

Well, I've been sick. Sick all weekend, and today I went into work late. It sucks being sick. Especially when there's much left to take care of. I had planned on unpacking more stuff and cleaning up a bit, but I did not take care of even half of what I had intended to do.

The market did not help either, but I have been so out of it today I didn't even have time to check out what happened in the market today, except to see my portfolios drowned in a sea of red.

But, in better news, my internet connection is a lot faster here than at my old place. My connection measured a blazing 6Mbps downloading according to an online speed test I ran. The connection at my old place usually rated around 3.5-4Mbps. The upload speed here seems to be a bit slower, but I'm a lot less concerned with that direction of data transfer. How does your connection stack up? Find out here: DSL Reports Speed Test.

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