Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Quick Earnings Play

Just to add a little gamble in my life... I picked up a small position in Cryptologic (CRYP) at 27.80. This is a stock that was first put on my radar back in May (click here). Anyway, they release their earnings tomorrow morning. This is strictly a trade... I'll exit the position early next week at the latest.


Anonymous said...

Looks like CRYP delivered great earnings but as we often see investors look @ guidance. Apparently, that was not stellar. Not looking too bad @ this stage. If it's a small position it should be OK to hold. But hey @ least you put your money where your mouth is man. I can respect that.

Man market taking a bath today.

Brute Force said...

The earnings were fine... the revenues guidance was a bit on the light side. Looks like I should have dumped it this a.m., but figured to let the stock play itself out. I'll be out of it by early next week. But, ya, it's not a large position, so it's not a crushing blow by any measure.