Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Weekend

The weekend started off with an awesome party with the Norwegians, who are all on their way back home today. Even the Swedish girls we met at the party last week were there to say their good-byes. Anyway, the fun started out at the giant hot tub at their apartment complex. The tub is large. While the sign posted at the clubhouse stated a maximum capacity of 13, the tub easily held 20 comfortably. At around midnight, the party moved into one of their rooms, and that's where the party was taken to a whole new level. Drunken conversation spanned a wide array of topics, including Norwegian-based Communist rap and its similarity to the music of G-Unit. Also, a lot of business talk... after all they are all aspiring entrepreneurs. As great as the party was, the mood was bittersweet as many good friendships were established here, and all of them come from all different parts of their country.

Saturday was completely set aside for recovery. Except for the occasional meal, we slept. We did manage to have a midnight snack at a restaurant specializing in Shanghai cuisine. That was certainly enjoyable.

This brings me to a horrible meal I had tonight. We were going to try a new sushi bar in Mountain View, but unfortunately, we learned that it was closed on Sundays. So, we drove around and decided to try a place we drove past in the vicinity called Ariake Sushi. This place was absolutely horrible. Simply put, the sushi was not fresh and the temperature inside was nearly unbearable since they did not have any air conditioning. The best part of the meal was that we decided smartly to do a small test order first. So, we ended up ordering about one third of our usual order before we decided to pay the bill and leave. Absolutely horrible.

And, well, I'm no longer on poker break. Been running better. Hope it continues. Currently clearing a fresh new bonus on Paradise Poker. That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Um, just a helpful'd get higher blog readership if you'd kindly post pics of the Swedish girls and the hot tub :)

Brute Force said...

Maybe I will one day... but, thus far, I've tried my best to keep pictures of people out of this. That said, you're looking for the wrong girls. The Norwegians are *much* hotter, at least the ones here.