Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tahoe and Life

I'm off to Tahoe for a few days... but before I leave, let me ask this.

How enjoyable is life? When you read a really good book, you can read it over again. When you've watched a great movie, you can watch it repeatedly. When you play a fun game or video game, or maybe even complete it, you can play it again and again.

Now, say that you've done extremely well in life... you built an empire up from nothing. Think of those like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or even Snoop Dogg. If they could, do you think they'd allow some magical djinni to zap them back to being a total nobody, and try life again? It's obvious that they "beat" the game already, and they are all still fairly young... but, was life enjoyable enough and fun enough that they'd want to try it another time, which certainly would result in a new outcome? Or, is life itself not really enjoyable and fun. And, this is why you strive to get to the top, so you simply don't have to deal with "life" in the same way as the masses?

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