Thursday, August 18, 2005

80's Theme Song Fun

As I drove home from work tonight, I heard some old TV theme songs on XM Satellite Radio's 80s channel. This got me thinking that it might be fun to throw up a few theme songs from the 80s and have you all try guessing the show. No poker tonight, so I have some free time. Anyway, here are 5 theme songs from the 1980's. Some are easy, and I think at least one of them is tough. See how many you can identify.

Theme Song #1

Theme Song #2

Theme Song #3

Theme Song #4

Theme Song #5


Anonymous said...

Macgyver, Perfect Strangers, and Night Court are pretty easy. I doubt I ever saw the others.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the second one is tough. I am not too sure. Here is what Rachel and I came up with.

1. McGuyver
2. I dunno, maybe Bionic Woman
3. Perfect Strangers
4. Night Court
5. Hill Street Blues

Brute Force said...

Looks like Duke and GZA both got 3 out of 5. GZA's #2 and #5 are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Well everybody got tunes 1, 3 and 4.

GZA you’re wrong about Tunes 2 and 5. I cannot believe you guys missed tune # 5. Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall. I used to anxiously await Hunter every week. Too bad they don’t have shows that are that good now. Fred Dryer did for the Rams and in Hunter.

And what’s so hard about tune 2. I take it I am the only one that had a crush on Heather Locklear. Scratch had. More like had and still have. But I figured y’all would have gotten that one because y’all are members of the William Shatner fan club. Note that Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is the president of that club.

Tune #1: McGuyver.
Tune #2: TJ Hooker
Tune #3: Perfect Strangers.
Tune #4: Night Court.
Tune #5: Hunter

Brute Force said...

Spud's really guy from the 80's... 5 out of 5. Good work.

For a prize, would you accept a few lines of coke?