Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Nuclear

Established a small position in Cameco (CCJ) today at 28.10. This is a long-term purchase with shares yielding 1%. While the company is not small, it's probably not one that you've heard much about.

I feel that nuclear energy has a lot going for it, and from what I have read, the current administration has been a proponent. After looking at several companies over the past few weeks, I decided to go with Cameco. The total invested wasn't enough for me to want to diversify within this space, so I just picked a single horse.

On a different note, Gamestop (GME) came out with good earnings today and an even better future outlook. I've been wrong on the stock so far, but at least now, with the recent upward move, I'm not down nearly as much as I was.

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