Monday, November 16, 2009

Bought Gamestop

Picked up a small number Gamestop (GME) shares at 24.13.


Jorge Monasterio said...

I dunno.

I went into a gamestop the other day with my kid (first time in a year), and I got a pretty bad vibe.

Way more used games than before. Not much new, even new titles.

Maybe reselling used games is super-profitable, but I think the video game industry is about to change a lot.

1) Online delivery of games should take over in the next generation. There won't be anything to resell, because your game copy will be limited to the console.

2) The $0 to $2 game price model on iPhone will be tough for the big game houses to compete with.

There will be a market for really cool, expensive-to-make games, but the upcoming financial carnage in the video game industry may make 2005-2008 look like the golden age of the consoes.

Jorge Monasterio said...

I wish i could type.