Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick Update on P90X

We're more than 30 days into the P90X program, and for the most part we've been doing it diligently. There were a couple days here and there where we had to shift around the workout days vs the rest days and we missed maybe 3 sessions altogether.

The good news is that there's been improvement in my muscles, most noticeably my biceps. We've been taking pictures each week (none to share yet), and looking at them it seems that there's been a decent amount of fat loss and muscles are overall getting more toned.

The workouts still suck... we hate them, but we love them (haha, that's a joke for anyone that has been doing the P90X). I'm definitely getting more flexible, but there's no way I can actually do all of the exercises. Many are still out of reach for me, but I do whatever 'easy' versions that try to work the same muscles, etc.

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