Friday, June 12, 2009

Habana Cuba

JC and I went out for some Cuban food last night at Habana Cuba. We took advantage of the Dine About Town deals for San Jose. The promotional period ends in a few days, so if you're thinking about trying a new place on that list, hurry up.

I've been there once before, and I had a good experience. However, I recall the Mojito not being all that good, and this time was no different. The food was good just as it was during my previous experience.

There was some seriously good value to be had due to the promotional pricing. We shared two appetizers, a Yucca Fries plus Tostones combination and Papas Rellenas with more Yucca Fries. We each got a choice of either soup or salad; both of us opted for the chicken soup which was really good including a chunk of chicken with bone intact. Then there were our main dishes followed by desserts. I had the Cuban-spiced pork dish, and she had the stewed shredded steak dish (Ropa Vieja). Dessert for me was a cinnamon-spiced rice pudding, and for her it was a Tres Leches sponge cake. All this for $20 a person. We were both incredibly stuffed after finishing everything, so they surely didn't skimp on portions.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try some Cuban food, I would recommend that they give Habana Cuba a look. I've had two good experiences there so far... just skip the Mojito.

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gaamblor said...

oddly enough there's a place near us called Habana that is cuban, and the last two times i've had horrible mojitos there, but the food is always good