Sunday, May 31, 2009

P90X - Week 1 Update

Okay, so today marked the end of the first week of the P90X program. It was brutal. After the first two days, I was beaten down so badly that I could not even stand up straight for most of the next day. And to think that despite my poor condition, I had to do more exercise plus the crazy 'Ab Ripper X' workout.

Well, that wasn't really going to happen. I could not physically lift my legs up, so I was forced to skip the Ab workout. I was able to do the regular workout though, so that was good.

The Yoga day was very important for me. It effectively fixed me. I was no longer Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame after that hour, and I was feeling a hell of a lot more limber. That Yoga thing took me from being at 10% to maybe 80%, which was good.

The next day consisted of doing a lot of pull-ups and squats. Well, you can only do so many pull-ups, so you have to cheat a bit (which is what they recommend) by using a leg on a chair to help give you additional support. This was fine, but man, I was so beat afterwards. The guys on the video did about 120 or more pull-ups throughout their session. It was pretty sick.

The final day (today) consisted of some Kenpo cardio kickboxing. It was pretty fun, but it really sucks when your calves and leg muscles are completely wasted from the exercises from earlier in the week.

I hate P90X. I really do. All I know is that it better be worth it afterward, because it sucks. Massive amounts of exercise is not normal. It's really not. Anyway, that's it.

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Unknown said...

p90x is really hardcore. Notice that most of the people in the video are former athletes and such. They said regular joe schmoes can't make it through the videos.