Friday, January 09, 2009

Old Friends

It's pretty nuts when you grab drinks with old friends that you haven't seen in roughly a decade. That's what I did last night. So, my buddy and I met up with two old friends of mine, V and R, at the Eastside West bar in the city. I haven't seen either of them since 1999. We lost contact long ago and we recently reconnected on Facebook (partly a result of my random comments regarding my views on voting).

Anyway, V's a lawyer now doing corporate litigation, and she's working towards doing more international trade stuff. R's now working in the digital advertising space, and she's just as fun as she's always has been. Despite the rather large gap in our histories, everyone was more or less the same personality-wise. Everyone had a good time over beer and cocktails.

I can't say I loved the place or anything, but it was pretty chill and offered an atmosphere where conversations could be held without too much trouble. One of our gripes, however, was that they couldn't pour Guiness worth a crap. No idea why. When we ordered shots of tequila, they were rather large, so that's one positive. Drinks were pricey, but not overly so.

Not sure I'd really recommend the place, as I'd say it was nice, but nothing special. I guess the bar is also a restaurant serving lots of raw seafood, but we didn't order any food, so I have no idea what it's like there.

Anyway, time to enjoy the weekend.

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