Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Absolutely Sickening

Yes, I'm talking about the markets over the past few months. Just sick. I really should puke. I guess it's a good thing I don't have too much cash right now. But, I definitely plan on raising a chunk after the year's over to deploy.

Citigroup is at $7 now. How sick is that... I was lucky to have dumped it. But, it's only a small consolation as a ton of my portfolio value has essentially vanished. So sick. Good thing I still have a job. Disgusting.


gaamblor said...

how bout a little buywrite for C you can make almost 30% if it holds over 5 until dec exp

just noting....i'd never put that on

Brute Force said...

Or, how about getting roughly 10% for writing the Novembers that expire tomorrow?

The options premiums paint such a bleak picture. So sick.

gaamblor said...

wow today you can get 30% for selling a dec 2.5 put

Unknown said...

Shoot man. It was 3 dollars a few days ago and now it's back up to 7 again.

My husband was even mentioning to me that we should buy (we both bank with citibank and we have our mortgage through them, so we were talking about it one day) He said, this would be a good time to buy...

Damn..wish we did.