Friday, August 01, 2008

Find The Bingos

Okay, I just played some Scrabble, and thought it'd be fun for you word people to hone your skills a bit. Here's a board, and it's my turn to play. I really felt there was a bingo (use all 7 tiles) here, but I was running low on time and I was pretty much going to win the game (I was up 60 points and my opponent had 4 tiles left: INRW). So, I just gave up.

I went back over the game and I did manage to find one, and I was curious how many there actually were. I used an anagrammer to help me find them. To the best of my knowledge, there are 4 of them. Two of them are exotic words, and the other two are common. One of the common words would require you to know the Scrabble 3's though.

Anyway, here's the board. See if you can spot any of the possible bingos.

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Brute Force said...

Common words:


Uncommon words: