Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Update and More Chess

I thought about this a bit and decided it was best for me to exit some of my positions and raise cash. But, I did add to an existing holding with some of the proceeds.

Sold International Game Technology (IGT) at around 40.
Sold Eastman Kodak (EK) today in the mid-19's.
Sold Fortune Brands (FO) a little under 69.

Added to Glatfelter (GLT) below 14.

Maybe I sold into a bottom in the making. But, I think I really did need to do some clean-up, and so now it is done.

Okay, back to some chess talk. Anyway, I ran the game I played against Jorge through the Crafty engine. And, the rook sacrifice was clearly not sound, as I suspected. After the wild move, Crafty estimated White as having more than a full rook advantage. But, then White blundered in a not so obvious way...

26. Re7. Crafty saw this as a blunder, and estimated that after this move the game was pretty much even.

Looking at what the engine had to say, the not-so-good move for White that allowed me eventual victory was playing 28. Qf3 instead of 28. Be2.

So, I would guess a large part of this was psychological... Yay, for playing human opponents.

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