Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chess Victory

I'm going to first say that I'm not a good chess player, especially when considering those who take their chess seriously. Among the most casual of players, I do just fine. While I've never been officially rated, I have held my own against those in the 1400 range (C Class). And, I should say I haven't really played in a long time.

Anyway, I'm going to share this game with you all only because I played it (and won!) against a buddy of mine, Jorge... I've never really beat him before (I think there was a speed game or two where we played time odds and he lost on time), and we've played a lot. But, he went into chess retirement, and only recently started playing again.

So, about the game... I pretty much screwed up in this game, and it was really apparent at move 18. So, I went for my Hail Mary rook sacrifice, which somehow allowed me to win. The sacrifice probably wasn't sound, but I figured I had to take a shot... aka I pulled this victory straight out of my ass.

And, Jorge asked that I paste his comment here:

You can quote me on your blog: I came out of retirement to lose to [BruteForceX].

Without further ado, here is the game in PGN. You'll need a viewer if you're at all interested in the replay. Here's an online viewer that I found that works fine: Online PGN Viewer.

[Event "Challenge"]
[Site "http://www.redhotpawn.com"]
[Date "2008.01.22"]
[White "Jorge"]
[Black "BruteForceX"]
[Result "0-1"]
[GameId "4524013"]

1. f4 d5 2. b3 Ng8f6 3. Bc1b2 e6 4. Ng1f3 Nb8c6 5. e3 Bf8d6 6. Nb1c3 e5
7. Nc3b5 exf4 8. Bf1d3 Bc8g4 9. O-O a6 10. Nb5xd6 Qd8xd6 11. Qd1e1 O-O-O
12. Nf3g5 Qd6e7 13. Rf1xf4 Bg4h5 14. Qe1g3 Kc8b8 15. Ra1f1 d4 16. Ng5e4 Rh8g8
17. Bb2xd4 Nc6xd4 18. exd4 Kb8a8 19. c3 c6 20. Ne4xf6 gxf6 21. Qg3h4 Bh5e2
22. Rf4e4 Rg8xg2 23. Kg1xg2 Be2xf1 24. Kg2xf1 Qe7a3 25. Qh4xf6 Rd8g8
26. Re4e7 Qa3c1 27. Re7e1 Qc1xd2 28. Qf6f3 Qd2xh2 29. Qf3f2 Qh2h3
30. Kf1e2 Rg8g2 31. Qf2xg2 Qh3xg2 32. Ke2d1 Qg2xa2 33. Bd3c2 Qa2a5
34. c4 Qa5a1 0-1

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