Monday, September 17, 2007

Arrivederci and Stocks

Tomorrow morning, QB and I are off to Italy. Neither of us has ever been, so it's going to be quite an adventure. And, since we're going to do the trip on our own and not as part of some large tour group, it might get a bit nuts at times. I guess we'll see.

We'll start out in Rome. After a few nights there, we'll spend one night each in Naples and Siena. Then, it's Florence for a three nights, and then Bologna, Venice, and Milan. I'm pretty excited... should be some good food, good sights, and good fun.

Now about stocks... I haven't posted much about stocks lately. I've been figuring out what my monthly expenses are with the new place, and I've also been spending a bit on one-time house-related things (like furniture, washer and dryer, etc). Lately, I've done a good deal trading mostly for fun, and I've been getting pretty lucky recently (I used to update on all the short-term trades as well as changes to the long-term positions, but I got too busy).

Anyway, with the help of poker and also the short-term trading gains, I've been able to build up some funds earmarked for the Long-Term Portfolio soon. I'm currently considering potential new investments in Mattel (MAT) and Illinois Toolworks (ITW), and possibly bolstering the existing Yahoo! (YHOO) position.

I guess I'll figure that all out when I get back. Arrivederci!

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