Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick Update

Sold Concurrent Computer (CCUR) position at 1.52, which was good for a 7.4% gain.

Sold May 45 calls on Sandisk (SNDK) at 0.85.

Also, I picked up some Penson Worldwide (PNSN) yesterday at 29.04, but neglected to post. Unfortunately, it's down a buck already today.


TorontoTrader said...

are you holding on to PNSN or stopping the loss ?

Brute Force said...

I'm holding it for now... but, it is getting close to where I might take a loss and re-evaluate. Have you thoughts on the company?

TorontoTrader said...

I am actually contemplating to add positions...will sell if goes in 25s though. Whats your sell cut off point ?

Theres a decent short interest in the company so selling right now mught just be handing free shares to shorts..

Date Short
Interest Avg Daily
Share Volume Days
to Cover
Apr. 13, 2007 880,000 129,179 6.81

Brute Force said...

PNSN got a nice bounce today on strong overall mkt. Did you manage to buy more in the $26-27 range?

Yes, there's definitely a good amount of short interest. The company, I believe is fine for the longer term. I would have probably bailed had it breached $25. Still underwater on the position, but today's pop helps.

TorontoTrader said...

yep added a few... still underwater though... will hold on for a few days and see how it goes