Friday, April 20, 2007

Alignment of Mishaps

So, last night might have been the most unlucky night that I've ever had. Don't take this to mean that it was the worst night I've ever experienced. It was just a night where a lot of different unfortunate things happened and continued to get worse and worse.

The freakish thing is that most of these events are independent... a few of them are obviously related, but really, what the heck happened last night. Barber was in town to visit, so we decided to basically go out for dinner, then have some beers and play the XBox360 for the night. It sure sounded like a great plan.

By the end of the night, these all happened:

1) Carrying a case of beer from the car to my place, and the box handle breaks and we suffer bottle breakage and beer everywhere.

2) XBox360 is no longer functioning, as it is now exhibiting the Red Ring of Death, which means I need to contact Microsoft and get it repaired, because I tried all of the fix-it-yourself methods with no luck.

3) Corkscrew on my wine bottle opener basically snapped in half when we were trying to pop the cork off a bottle of Belgian abbey ale called Maredsous.

4) Using pliers to pull the cork off resulted in major beer spillage. Definitely a dependent event, but really, wtf.

5) Cable box started to glitch and now random channels are sometimes flipping between color and black and white. The television, as far as I know, is fine.

6) Middle of the night... 1 a.m. or so, I am contacted by a co-worker who is currently overseas and needs my help. This is just odd... the last time this happened was maybe 6 months ago.

7) Almost forgot to mention... so, we went out for sushi, and after about 15 minutes the waitress tells us that they're out of Uni. Okay, fine... just axe the order, since we ordered a bit too much anyway. Then, upon bringing the food, she tells us that there's no albacore either. Ridiculous. I really liked that place too, I don't think I'm going back.

Just wasn't my night. Hopefully, the Conservation of Getting Assed law holds and I will be getting some really awesome news some time soon.


crestfallen7 said...

Is that the same sushi place we went to and they ran out of everything (including basic fish) after waiting for 45 minutes? If so, I can't believe you went back...hope this one is a deal-breaker.

skh.pcola said...

If they run out of rice, then you know that they just aren't all that serious about business.

Being out of uni isn't all that uncommon, even in booming metropolises. I've been eating it for twenty-five years, and supply is definitely spotty.