Thursday, December 01, 2005

Portfolio and Market Update

Just a quick update here... I picked up some of the Sun Bancorp (SNBC) yesterday at 19.95 for the Long Term portfolio. Moved a bit today, along with the entire market. All the majors exploded today... a great start to this December. Maybe the Santa Claus Rally will materialize and take the markets to the next level.

Remember Finish Line (FINL)? That dud of a stock pick has managed to make a terrific comeback. Their latest numbers were strong enough to warrant a change in their Q3 earnings guidance from a loss of 1 to 3 cents a share to a gain of 1 to 3 cents a share. My shares are no longer in the red, and it looks like their business is picking up. Now, if only Dryships (DRYS), which is currently my largest percentage loser at -19%, can mount a similar comeback... sigh.

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