Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dream Logging -- Part 2

This is a continuation of the original Dream Logging post.

I guess now is a better time than any to add a few more dreams that I jotted down notes about.

Dream #4

1) Satellite Tourney -- win to move on, but forgot to play anyway
2) Jetpack away with compressed air
3) Migs chasing
4) Crash and burn

Dream #5

1) 115mph cops speeding standing in cars
2) No ticket - lights flashing
3) Geographic landmark natural disaster.
4) Escaped hamsters
5) Water everywhere

Dream # 6

1) Dirty homemade movies in a box
2) Stranded in Lake Tahoe at end of a parade
3) Call Joey for help
4) Arby's -- 2 new ones open their doors

No idea what any of this means really... I vaguely remember them. I tend to forget my dreams as the day goes on. So these notes are the only lasting memories.


Anonymous said...

1) Top Gun
2) What Twister should have been?
3) Sounds like a Friends episode

Anonymous said...

Dream #7
1) Not sure why bruteforce is posting his dreams on his blog.
2) Bruteforce’s dreams make no sense.
3) There is no correlation or chronology to these dreams.
4) Now we know that bruteforce does not dream big.
5) Bruteforce does not have dreams about hot women.

Anonymous said...
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