Sunday, September 11, 2005


Let me start off by saying that I'm once again back in EBAY at 38.75. While the Skype rumors are a bit scary, I think it's too early to punish the company. There really isn't that much reliable information out regarding this deal.

Looking into McDonald's (MCD) for long-term purchase.

Now that stock talk has been taken care of... so, last night I finally sat in a $30/60 poker game online. It was very very aggressive, but I did okay. I did fine not because of my superior play, but because of what seemed like completely donk play. Here's a hand from last night: Click To View Hand. Honestly, you would think that this type of play wouldn't really be seen, but you'd be wrong.

The NFL season is in full swing now. I'm in this NFL Pick'em game with a few friends. The two people in our game who know the least about football are basically winning. It's pretty funny... up to this point, here are the scores:

Crestfallen 81
Marquis 71
Brute Force 65
JDot 61
GZA 56

Finally, here's a congratulations to JDot for winning a $50 tournament, winning a seat in a $1050 buy-in tournament, and following through with an in-the-money finish. Talk about a score.

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