Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hints for What Am I?

Picture A: Belgian, 2 words

Picture B: 6 letters, starts with C, often salted

Picture C: 6 letters, 3 letters twice (i.e. format: ABCABC)

Picture D: Brazilian, lots of caffeine so it packs a punch


Anonymous said...

#1: Manneken Pis (Pissing Boy) - he's now clothed, apparently.

#2: Chilis? (though I haven't ever eaten salted chilis, apparently it might be common?)

#3: Not sure but if you'd like a What Am I? with the same clue, go to my blog (The Likes of Me) - I'm not able to post the pic in my response so don't consider this a shameless plug for myself.

#4: Guarana. Common in herbal extract drinks...

Brute Force said...

Good work. #2 is Cashew. #3 is Dikdik.

Cashews are nut/fruit combinations. Pretty weird.