Monday, August 20, 2012


About 10 months ago, the highly rated Japanese restaurant, Kaygetsu in Menlo Park, closed its doors.  Mitsunobu reopened in its place, and it also kept its executive chef.  Since I never dined at the original restaurant, I can't really compare the two.  However, I had a nice meal at Mitsunobu recently, and while not everything was a hit, it was quite good overall.  I would recommend this place, as the food was good, and my experience was a pleasant one.

I haven't the energy to write more, so I will let the following pictures do the talking.


Amuse - Dashi and Zucchini Tempura

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sushi

Hirame Sashimi

Uni and Amaebi

Jewelry Box - Mozuku Seaweed, Amber Egg, Organic Tofu Skin,
Japanese Pumpkin, Mountain Berry and Yam, 
Organic Chicken Teriyaki

Octopus, Okra and Cucumber Rice in Clay Pot

Palate Cleansing Yuzu Ice

Muscovy Duck Breast

Japanese Horse Mackarel with Plum Salt, Jidori Egg Salad
in Avocado, and Yuzu-Tomato Foam

Colorful Fruits in Crystal Gelée

White Sesame Fondant with Raspberry Filling and Coconut-Ginger Sorbet

Flan, Ice Cream, and Berries

Parting Fudge Pieces

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