Sunday, October 04, 2009

McDonald's Angus Burgers

I have to say that I'm impressed with the McDonald's Third-Pound Angus Mushroom and Swiss burger. I'm usually not a fan of McDonald's food, and I typically prefer Carl's. But, the Mushroom and Swiss burger has me coming back for more lately.

It's clearly not a great burger, but it's surely a great burger for its price and for what it's meant to be (a fast food burger). I prefer In 'N Out (who doesn't), but when you're craving a mushroom burger, I'd say it hits to spot. Give it a try.

I'm planning on trying out the other two varieties in the near future. In any case, I hope McDonald's keeps the Mushroom and Swiss Angus burger on its menu.

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Sara Reid said...

I love to eat Burgers. I had eaten "McDonald's Angus Burger" and liked it very much. I can't forget its taste. Thank you so much for remembering me again.