Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scumbag Story Time: Lenny Dykstra

Not sure how many of you have been keeping up with the Lenny Dykstra (former baseball player) and his recent woes, but it's fascinating in an accident on the freeway sort of way. He's a serious nutjob and a very shady guy if all that I've read about him is even remotely true. Anyway, if this might entertain you check all of this out.

Two articles that really highlight his really screwed up nature and his current state of financial affairs.

GQ Story
ESPN Story

And, here's a longish (18 minutes) horrible interview on CNBC from a few days ago. Talk about being a delusional train wreck. He claims to be 111-0 in stock picks for starters... wtf? Seriously sad -- not that I feel sorry for him in any way.


gaamblor said...

the 110 is a straight up martingale (buy an out month option, if stock up sell, if stock down buy more) AND a lie as he really lost a boatload on at least one but just pretended it never happened (and he doesn't invest in his picks)

comedy wise he really is the story that keeps on giving

Unknown said...

I go to his car wash off the 91. Hehe..

Brute Force said...

Gaamblor -- Hah, didn't even realize you too had posted a story about that clown. Ya, I guess if you martingale it and then never close out your super loser, you can be 110-0 or whatever he claims. Ridiculous.

Lisa - Damn, I thought he sold all his car washes.