Monday, February 23, 2009


So, a high school friend of mine sent me Religulous last week. It's a documentary written by and starring Bill Maher. I found some time to watch it over the weekend, and I must say that I found it highly amusing and really funny yet there are parts that are somewhat scary. I guess that's what one would expect from a documentary that takes on religion.

There was one interview with this Catholic priest, Father Reginald Foster, who said a lot of things that I wouldn't expect of someone in his position. If all the super-religious types were to take on his stance on things, maybe religion wouldn't be as unpalatable.

Anyway, I'd recommend this for anyone, especially for those who are intelligent and rational, religious or not. It'll make you laugh out loud a few times, I'm sure of it.


IdiotFriend said...
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IdiotFriend said...

I saw this in the Theaters with Jason when it came out and I thought it was okay. It was done in a pretty ADD style and he went after some low hanging fruit with some of the nuts he was interviewing.
However, I thought the Vatican astronomer was the highlight of the film for me (loved it when he said he had to get at the aliens before those crazy Mormons). Both him and the other father Maher interviewed in the square were pretty cool.