Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time Travel Game

This game is pretty cool... definitely thought-provoking. You basically control this spaceman and you use your past actions to help you in the current time, by making use of a time travel machine. Just like in Back to the Future, the characters could see themselves perform actions of the past, you do the same in this game. But, be careful of paradoxes (I think they start becoming a problem around Level 6 or so).

Anyway, check it out: Chronotron

*** Edit #1 ***

OK, stuck on Level 16 for now. Time to take a break.


gaamblor said...

i beat it but i had to cheat with the walkthrough twice

have you tried 'portal' for the xbox? its sort of similar type game with some fun twists

Brute Force said...

I haven't tried continuing the game yet... and, I haven't ever tried Portal. I might have to check it out.