Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Porsche P'9521 Phone

Yesterday, Porsche Design Group unveiled its first mobile handset device, the P'9521. I don't know too much about the phone yet, except that my co-workers and I are responsible for one of the components on it. It's obviously a high-end luxury phone similar to those released in the past by luxury brands such as Prada and Ferrari.

Seems like the P'9521 is the first in a new class of products for Porsche Design. Looking at their product list, I see:

P'1000 - Fashion
P'2000 - Luggage
P'3000 - Accessories
P'5000 - Sports
P'6000 - Timepieces
P'7000 - Home
P'8000 - Eyewear

I wonder what happened to P'4000?

In any case, I personally like how the phone looks. Here's a picture below taken from the phone announcement link above. That's really all I wanted to say... just thought I'd share.

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