Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Figured I'd write a little bit about the long weekend, since I've got nothing better to do right now as I eat a nice T-Bone steak that was left over from yesterday. Anyway, the weekend was relaxing and chill for the most part. Didn't do much on Friday or Saturday... watched a couple of movies: Blood Diamond and Black Dahlia. Don't bother with Black Dahlia, it was pretty stupid. The other flick was entertaining I thought.

Anyway, on Sunday, QB and I headed up to Bodega Bay. We really weren't sure what to expect, as neither of us had ever been there. But, we assumed we'd get some seafood and maybe go a bit further north to check out the beaches. Just a bit of trivia... Bodega Bay is where the infamous Hitchcock movie, The Birds was filmed. Once we got there, we were pretty hungry and it was just before noon, so we ate over at a place called Dee's Bayside Deli there. I'd have to give the place a thumbs down. It certainly wasn't anything special.

After our quick meal, we headed up further North and checked out the Sonoma Coast State Beach. We kicked it there a bit, and mostly just lay out in the sand. We didn't bring any towels, so we pretty much just got all sandy. Then, we decided to drive down towards Point Reyes area and get some live oysters. And, on our way down there, we drove past a trout farm. We thought it'd be fun, so we did some wanna-be fishing at the Hagemann Ranch Trout Farm. We had a lot of fun there, and caught 4 trout... two were decent sized and the other two were pretty crappy and small. Here's a pic of the largest one caught by QB.

After a bit of driving, we made it to the Hog Island Oyster Company in Tomales Bay. We bought like 50 oysters (25 sweetwater oysters and 25 Kumamoto oysters). The Kumamotos are really tasty and sweet. If you like to eat oysters on the half-shell, definitely get your hands on a few. They're delicious.

Here's a view from near the Oyster Farm.

We had considered dropping by Muir Woods, but we decided that the oysters might go bad even though they were packed in ice. Besides, we were pretty tired from driving around. So, we went home.

The next day, we grilled up some steaks, fish, oysters, and corn, and basically pigged out. Grilled up a some of the oysters and had a bunch of them raw. I'm pretty much going to finish off the rest tonight as a post-dinner snack.

Oh, and on a totally different subject... QB and I caught the Miss Universe Pageant last night. It was pretty lame, but what I thought was really sad was that Miss USA made it to the final 5. I mean, she fell on her ass. Like, you could argue that she kept her poise and all that. But, the bottom line is she fell and still managed to make it to the final cut. That's ridiculous.

And, to continue on with the contestant ragging... Miss Korea's answer to the final question was ridiculous. When asked what superpower she'd want to have, she basically starts off by not answering the question at all and describes her love of missionary work. Then, she throws in that a wallet that never dries would be a great superpower. Seriously ridiculous.

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Unknown said...

Well, the Miss USA chick was the best looking one in the competition by far. She could have stabbed a rigging grip and made it to the final 5.

And the Korea one was misunderstood, apparently. She wanted the wallet that wouldn't dry up BECAUSE she wanted more money to spread the Jesus. It all went together.