Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taco Bravo

So, last night I did nothing but play a ton of X360 and clean up my place, since my girlfriend had a night out with her co-workers... well, I suppose they are ex-coworkers as Friday was her last day. She starts at a new company next Monday. Anyway, my room is not that big of a mess any more.

The highlight of my evening was the Super Nachos I had from Taco Bravo. What a big mess of a meal. Here's a pic I took. It was pretty damn large, and I can't hang at all any more when it comes to eating large amounts. I gave up after I took down about 80% of it. It was heavy... lots of beans, cheese, and ground beef. Since the pic is a top view, it really doesn't do this thing justice. And, at 4 bucks, it's a lot of food. Yay for Taco Bravo!

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Anonymous said...

Man that’s appetizing!