Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quick Update

I'll be posting soon about my recent trip to SoCal, but for now let's talk about the market.

The market has been taking a pounding... a serious pounding. Is this merely a correction? I personally think so. And, so I added Form Factor (FORM) today to my long-term portfolio at a price of 36.80.

Has this recent slump been painful? You betcha... I've lost plenty along with other equity investors in the last three weeks. But, I should be able to weather this storm. The longer-term earnings outlook is looking fine.

The international markets have gotten hit a lot harder than us. It's understandable given their extremely heated pace in the recent years. Just the other day the Indian and Russian markets fell roughly 10% in a single day. How sick would it be to wake up and see the Dow down 1000 or the Nasdaq off a solid 220. Just in case it's not obvious, it'd be pretty sick.

That's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

post about your trip already, it's been a week.... ;)