Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Replacement Burner and Bots

Well, it took quite a bit of bitching to Dell's technical support, but Dell finally agreed to ship me a new CD-RW drive. For whatever reason, the one that came with the computer decided to stop working one day. In any case, the drive came today, and I'm pretty happy that I'm back in business. It's not like I really burn that many things, but it's nice to know that if I ever need to, I will be able to do so.

And, what's with the new Movie Bot on AIM?

Here's how my conversation went...

BruteForce: Hello
MovieFone: Hey there. If you cannot remember the title, just enter even a piece of an actor's name and I'll find it if it's playing!

BruteForce: I don't remember anything.
MovieFone: No?

BruteForce: No
MovieFone: I'm sorry then. Why don't you type, help to see how I work.

BruteForce: No thanks.
MovieFone: anytime

BruteForce: You are not helpful.
MovieFone: Mm hm. Such negativity. You are in need of some Tyson protien! Type, help and I will expain how I work.

BruteForce: Tyson Protein?
MovieFone: I think you should type, menu. I was not able to find any movies related to what you typed.

BruteForce: No kidding.
MovieFone: Neat-o.

Talking to a bot is pretty funny for about 2 minutes. Anyway, two more trading days before options expiration. I'm so anxious.

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