Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dream Logging

Has anyone ever tried to keep a journal of their dreams? Just recently, I've forced myself to jot down notes about my dreams if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night. This way the notes would really be coming from me during a half-asleep state. I dream vividly each night, but usually when I wake up in the morning, I can hardly remember anything in detail.

Anyway, here are the notes for the first three dreams that I jotted notes about.

These are notes really came from a half-sleeping state. Even I don't know exactly what the dream was about. Just use your imagination.

Dream #1

1) Pick items -- 3 on the pedestal.
2) Make a large mess -- the final event.
3) Nevermind, but not enough.
4) Must have shoes -- a rule.
5) 90% will pass

Dream #2

1) Matching clothes -- a game
2) Family - Uncle and cousins
3) $600 in chips
4) Winner collects cards
5) Win all = 5x prize
6) If lose, then $5 only

Dream #3

1) Heated Poker Tracker argument
2) Self-assessment only
3) Moving large trees in wooded area
4) Friends driving to Denver

I might continue to do this, because it's really kind of trippy. I have read in the past that jotting down notes on dreams actually helps you remember your dreams going forward. Might be worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

That’s fine if you wanna keep a log of your dreams on the blog but keep the wet dreams to yourself please.

Anonymous said...

it's funny you mention dreams b/c i've had 1+ vivid dreams for the past 6 days straight. i've remembered at least one dream per night as well. i've come into a habit of telling at least one person my dream so that i'll remember. i suppose jotting dreams down would be an interesting exercise over time.