Monday, March 22, 2010

Pub Quiz - 03/22/10

On a completely different topic than the title of this post, I picked up some Google (GOOG) today at 558.40. This is purely a trade, and it is based on my belief that much of the China issue has already been priced into the shares and as uncertainty wanes, shares should at the very least stabilize and probably move higher. If I'm wrong on this, it will probably be known soon, and I'll take losses. Otherwise, I hope to make some money.

Onto tonight's pub quiz. We sucked this time, probably in the bottom 20-30% with 10 out of 20 correct. I think we counted 11 correct, but the official score came in at 10... no idea why. No reason to contest it, since we were nowhere near the top score (which was a 5- or 6-way tie with 15/20).

1) What Italian word meaning 'baked earth' is now a common building material? [JC had a reasonable answer with which we accepted, but it was way wrong. Given more time to really think about it, I think we had a real chance on this one.]

2) What was the currency of Germany before the introduction of the Euro? [Clearly, we both knew this one, but we feel that this one they docked us for not being more specific -- whatever... we were not in contention at all.]

3) How many hotels are there on the Carribbean island of Mustique? [We guessed incorrectly.]

4) In 1992, which 42 year-old actress did Lancome drop as their exclusive spokesmodel after 14 years? [JC thought she knew, I had no clue, and we made a wild guess... and afterward, we realized there was about zero chance we would have gotten this one.]

5) What number is an improper fraction always greater or equal to? [Technically, given how the question was phrased it's unanswerable, but if you approach it as intended, it's obvious what they're looking for... anyway, we got this one.]

6) According to Harvard University researchers, which animal is the second most intelligent after human beings? [I really felt my answer was right, but it wasn't. Oh well.]

7) Who was the 40th U.S. president? [I had an incorrect answer down, but I changed it to a correct one, and then almost changed it back... good thing I am not of the 'first instinct is usually right' school of thought.]

8) Who pulled the thorn from the Lion's paw in the classic story retold by Aesop and Bernard Shaw? [So, this one was kinda b.s. in that they wanted a specific name... but, in fairness, not like either of us really knew.]

9) What is the first name of the founder of the Ford Motor Company? [We both knew.]

10) When the San Diego Chargers first played in the AFL in 1960, what city were they from? [We blanked on this one... given more time we probably get it.]

11) In which U.S. city did the 1929 St. Valentine's Massacre occur? [We took an educated guess, and it was correct.]

12) What English actor became the seventh screen James Bond on November 14, 2006? [JC got it... I really could not remember his name.]

13) In what U.S. city can you visit blues clubs along the famous Beale Street? [I suck, because I put my answer down instead of JC's correct answer. I should just trust her answer over mine whenever I'm not 100% sure.]

14) What ancient people worshipped the goddess, Isis? [We both knew.]

15) Starring in the 2000s reality TV show, "The Simple Life," with Paris Hilton, who is Nicole's famous father? [JC knew this one.]

16) Who sculpted The Thinker in 1904? [We both knew.]

17) True or False: Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider? [We guessed poorly.]

18) What is the name of Batman's Gotham City Police Commissioner? [JC came through once again... man, I suck.]

19) What was the name of the family ranch in TV's 'Dallas'? [We had no idea.]

20) What do you call the final point contested in a tennis match? [I got this one.]

So, anyway I called up my sister and her boyfriend to see how they'd do... and hot damn, they got 16 out of 20. Why the hell are they not from around here? We'd be cleaning up if it were the two of them and JC. Haha, I could be their official cheerleader.



Duke said...

The one I was talking about on the phone was Commissioner Loeb. He's from the Dark Knight and is Commissioner (and is killed) before Gordon gets promoted. He's not even a part of every Batman incarnation, but Gordon was not the only one.

Brute Force said...

I read a bit more about Gotham City's commissioners, and it turns out there have been quite a few.

(in order, from Wiki)

Blogger said...

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