Friday, February 22, 2008

Poker Comeback

I just got back from a 7 hour session of poker. As you know, my session on Tuesday night was brutal, and I lost 30 bets. Tonight started off horribly, and I was stuck a rack pretty early on. The first early beat that I suffered, I had KQc and raised it up pre-flop. A few of us see the flop for two bets apiece. The board comes medium cards with 2 clubs. I bet and get called in two spots. The turn brings a 5c, and the river pairs the board. I go 3 bets with a guy on the river, and lose to his pocket 5's.

Luckily, things turned around not long after. I finally pick up a premium hand... KK. The betting is capped 7 ways, and the flop is a beautiful K high, but it's dangerous with a flush draw possible. A guy bets into me, and I raise it. There are 5 of us that see the turn for 2 bets each. The turn and river are safe (the only way someone could have a straight was if they hit their runner-runner with a 74 or something like that). I scoop a really large pot, and I'm back to positive.

After that turning point, I continued to play really tight and fortunately, I started hitting a few flops. And, even more fortunately, the hands held up. I end up a whopping 58 bets for the night. If I didn't have a morning meeting tomorrow, I'd probably still be there playing right now. Ha ha.

I did flop quads once, which was sweet. A5h flopped 555, the turn was a 7, and the river was a T. I was paid off nicely by a guy holding TT. What was interesting was that every street was raised exactly once. I did the raising on the river. TT did the raising on all the other streets. And, there was a super donkey that was in the hand along with us. Too bad he folded on the turn after betting into the TT guy and getting raised.

Okay, anyway, that's the scoop. It's certainly nice to be on the positive side of variance. Time for bed.

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