Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Norwegian Deer

I once hit a deer
Or should I say, she once hit me
She showed me her fur
Isn't it clear, Norwegian deer

A deer jumped out in front of my car while I was on the way home late one night a few weeks ago. That wasn't the problem, as I was a fairly good stopping distance away from it. The problem, as it turns out, is that deer come in twos, threes, and more. As I slammed on the brakes, two more deer jumped out in front, and a third jumped into the side of my car.

I think I hit it just as much as it hit me. Let me just say that I was freaked out, and I felt really bad thinking I had just killed a deer. But, all the deer just ran off like nothing happened. I guess they're a lot more robust than I had thought. It wasn't like I was going fast, but then again, it hit my car hard enough to dent it a little bit and leave me some of its fur.

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