Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smell, I Mean, Spell My Finger

I am digging this fast-paced action word game called Spell My Finger on AdultSwim.com. My current best is 23,660, which was good enough to make the top 100 scores.

If you like word games, you might enjoy this one. So, check it out.


gaamblor said...

fun but i'm having a hard time figuring out a strategy to get anywhere near your score

off topic, any thoughts on WTSLA after the big drop post earnings?

with all that cash and skimming the release i see they have a big tax loss carryover they seem like a major buyout candidate

Brute Force said...

I think the large amount of cash, the NOL carryover, and the overall strong balance sheet makes it a good takeover candidate too. It wasn't the reason I started investing heavily in the company, but I always felt (and still do) that it should offer some price support protecting me on the downside.

I am tempted to buy back the shares I sold at $4 if it stays at the $3 or moves below.

As for the game, I think that one thing you need do is make use of the big letters and the multipliers early on when the timer thing doesn't move too fast. Definitely keep in mind that a long word with common letters is worth less than short words with a Q, J, Z, etc.